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Welcome. You have reached RD's blog. Most of my posts are related to movies, but there is also TV, comedy, and politics. I like every different type of film from any country. Basically, if it's good, I like it. I reblog a fair amount, however in addition to that I make my own stuff. I follow back if you have a decent movie Tumblr page, or I just enjoy it. I'm on IMDb and Twitter as well.


You see that window with the light? The one closet to the edge of the building? you know who lives there? Of course you don’t know who lives there, but I’m saying “Do you know who lives there?” A Nigger lives there, and that isn’t my apartment. My wife is in there and… I’m gonna kill her. I'm gonna kill her with a .44 Magnum.

Taxi Driver (1976) dir. by Martin Scorsese

Anonymous asked: Well, there are basic rules, it has to do with camera movement, the use of music etc. Films are like music , it's not like there are no rules, you have to know what are the notes for example XD . A musical genius (or movie genius ) uses this rules to develop something else,something higher, but he doesnt ignore them like Bay does. Don't make the mistake many do, which is thinking art doesn't follow rules AT ALL...

Can anyone explain what this anon is talking about? 

Anonymous asked: No, Bay's not good at action, that's the problem. I enjoy mindless entertainment too, but it has to be well-made. There are some rules in the film-making process that can't be ignored. It's like basic syntax and grammar, regardless WHAT you write, if you write a book with errors in each word it's trasht. He is good with budget , i'll give you that, but that has nothing to do with the quality of his films, it's simply the reason why the industry hire him: great profit with a limited budget ...

We disagree, but I’ll let you state your case.

I don’t know what you mean about rules. There aren’t any rules in filmmaking. 

There is a reason Michael Bay has been such a big success. He knows how to give the people what they want. It was so frustrating watching the action scenes in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and that should just never happen.