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Welcome. You have reached RD's blog. Most of my posts are related to movies, but there is also TV, comedy, and politics. I like every different type of film from any country. Basically, if it's good, I like it. I reblog a fair amount, however in addition to that I make my own stuff. I follow back if you have a decent movie Tumblr page, or I just enjoy it. I'm on IMDb and Twitter as well.


My balls are pretty big. There’s a confidence that my sisters and I were raised with. After my dad died, my mom moved us from Queens back to the Dominican Republic. A very macho sort of place. But my mom raised us to know that we are equal to anyone. Whenever we went out, if we were meeting other people, my mom would always say, “I hope you like them.” Not “I hope they like you.” We were the most important.

Zoe Saldana for The Hollywood Reporter (August 2014)

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